Therapeutic setting

I work as a psychopractor or relational psychotherapy practitioner.

What do these terms mean?

The historic SNPPsy union, to which I belong, has adopted the name of ‘relational psychopractor’. This name is beginning to be familiar today, even if it remains less well known than that of psychotherapist. The psychopractor’s specificity is that he or she has been trained, most of the time, in a private institute, and that he or she meets the following 5 criteria:

  • In-depth work on oneself, lasting several years.
  •  A solid theoretical-practical and psychopathological training.
  • A commitment to respect the Code of Ethics of the profession.
  • Regular supervision for her practice.

In France, the title of psychologist is reserved for holders of a master’s degree in psychology. Those trained by private institutes used to be called psychotherapists. Since 2004, the title of psychotherapist has been regulated and is now reserved for psychiatric doctors and holders of a Master II in psychology or psychoanalysis.


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